A gift for your organization.

Leadership development is for sure one of the most rewarding investments you can do. Enlightened Leadership is what your people need today.

An analyses of where you and your company stands in Enlightened Leadership. A 45 minutes coaching session to have a snapshot of finding growth areas for your leadership. We work together with Marshall Goldsmith to assure guaranteed results. Contact me by clicking this link

The five aspects of enlightened leadership


Enlightened Leadership

Today organizations need leaders with an expanded mind and heart. Leaders with vision where to go. On a very personal basis I am helping leaders with creating the future of their organization.

What is enlightened leadership and how to master is. Enlightened leadership is a holistic style of leadership in which we achieve a wide range of results:

  1. Holistic leadership
  2. Excellent employee and customer experience
  3. Safe and low Co2 footprint.
  4. Very good financial results
  5. A great social contribution.

Enlightened leadership is a need of todays customer demand. Customers desire an excellent product or service for a reasonable price with a low CO2 footprint and a high positive impact on society as a whole.

Let’s go into these element one by one.

360 Global Leadership Assessment

The best way to start a coaching process is by doing a 360 assessment finely developed by Marshall Goldsmith and his team unveiling your greatest strengths and growth areas.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching 

Ask your direct report’s, colleagues and manager for one ore two leadership qualities where you can make improvements. The premium and awarded coaching program develops humility, courage and discipline. We are initiating a one year coaching program with guaranteed result. You pay us nothing without results. We have an individual version and a team version of this program.

Resilience Trainings – lead by example

Leaders need healthy and disciplined lifestyles to keep good condition and strength to lead by example. With my close friend Drs. Wilhelmus Burgmans we developed a one day resilience training with the possibility to do an analyses of your daily routine and learn to expand your mind with an meditation exercise.

Do it different

Most of the time a different approach to the goal tackles the problems on the road. How to distance yourself from your goals without giving them up. A training to expand your mind and heart to get to your goals more easy.


Intuitive Intelligence

Leadership belongs to them who lead by example. Intuitive intelligence is transferable and a great help on the workplace. An intuitive intelligent person needs not not much words or talking. It’s attuning mentally, like water streaming to the ocean. Intuitive intelligence is a flow. That is the reason why it needs not much words but …