Develop your most beautiful Self

To develop your best self in your leadership career needs courage. You have to be humble enough to hear what is good to change. To recognize what is really needed, listen to your environment of colleagues, friends and family. Those who are able to give you loving criticism are the best as you do not feel hurt and give you courage to change something.

The feeling of really giving up a behavior of something which is not useful for your self and your environment gives you wings to fly and are accompanied by fear. Who is not afraid of flying for the first time?

The reward of your courage and really choosing transformation of your personality gives a lot of inspiration and energy to go the new direction and can be accompanied by an increased and more precise vision to develop your organization.

You want to know which behaviors to develop? Use our Marshall Goldsmith 360 Global Leadership Assessment to have a precise and accurate balance where you are and where to go. The assessment is also available in the polish language.

The Mahendra Test for Visionairs

Are you a visionair? Do you have the rare ability to see and structure a future for your people and organization? Congratulations! That’s indeed a uncommon gift which is on one side difficult and on the other side a great thing with which you can help people and organisations.

Most visionairs are sensitive people and that’s why they can look further then people who are only fixed on todays tasks which must be done. It’s nothing mystic as Peter Drucker said ”I just look out the window and see what’s visible – but not yet seen

Visionairs can look far and see what is coming. How to use your vision for the benefit of your organization or society?

Mahendra Baba was a great writer and poet from Bihar in India who was mainly concentrated on preparing the coming of his master the great Himalayan yogi Sri Babaji.

At a certain occasion Mahendra Baba got inspired by a beautiful set of lines about his master. He liked the verses very much but he had one doubt. How much of my ego is involved in all this? Maybe it is my ego who wanted to produce something nice and be praised for it? With this Idea in mind he said to himself. “If these verses are really coming from deep within they are still there and they will come back if I discard them now”. And as he thought he did.

He was right. On another occasion the verses came back and he was sure of the greatness of them without the involvement of his own ego. 

The beginning of a vision can be overwhelming for many reasons and a young born vision needs to be sanity checked and after that the whole proces of giving life to that vision to the spheres of action and executing will start and take place.

Enlightened Leadership

Today’s world needs a more global approach to leadership. Organizations need greatly developed leaders which cannot manage only assets but especially people. 

A leader is demanded to think over the boundaries of his own organization and give attention to a wide span of matters. In my aspiration of helping present and future leaders with their great and important tasks, I developed an enlightened leadership model with 5 petals to make it easier to analyse where attention needs to go to help your organization to the next level.

You yourself are the pivotal person, the middle of the axe through which the wheel of change and progress is turning. It needs courage, humility and discipline as the great coach Marshall Goldsmith states.

Do you have that courage to change or are you staying on the level of succes where you are now?

To be a leader who is holistically thinking about all aspects of the organization, his leadership team, managers, employees and customers, banks, shareholders and still can drive an authentic need for the society at large with safety and a clean as possible ecological footprint, needs a greatly developed mind and heart. 

A person which has from one side sensitivity and from the other side strong focus and common sense to deal with every day’s disruptions is rare and valuable.

Of these 5 attention points, from my perspective as a coach the most important one is open mindedness of the leader and his team. Today we have to look out for new options available in the world and chose from them the useful for our company how to go fast and safe forward.

Not healthy is the attitude “We are a world class company’s, we know everything ourselves.” A continuous inward and outward look “Where and how can we improve?“ is according to me the greatest need for corporate and governmental leaders. 

My question to you is: Where are you weakest in the five petal flower? How can we do something about it? My next question: Where are you strongest? Can you share that excellent practice with others? What is your real contribution to the world except for being a cash cow

In enlightened leadership we should not be denying excellence of creating cash but go far beyond it. What we really want to contribute to our society. A pandemic show how fragile is financial excellence if it does not coexist with human health and happiness.

The globalization has not ended but just started. It’s in a teenager stage needing strong parents to grow into a beautiful youth for our upcoming generation.