Coaching proposals

Initial meeting

The best way to evaluate which program is useful for you and your team is an introductory meeting online. For residents in Poland there is an option is to meet me in Lanckorona and have a coaching on the go in the woods. The introduction is an inspiration in itself and the best way to know more about how our propositions can add value to your leadership.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching 

Ask your direct report’s, colleagues and manager for one ore two leadership qualities where you can make improvements. The premium and awarded coaching program develops humility, courage and discipline. We are initiating a one year coaching program with guaranteed result. You pay us nothing without results. We have an individual version and a team version of this program.

360 Global Leadership Assessment

The best way to start a coaching process is by doing a 360 assessment finely developed by Marshall Goldsmith and his team unveiling your greatest strengths and growth areas.

Resilience Trainings – lead by example

Leaders need healthy and disciplined lifestyles to keep good condition and strength to lead by example. With my close friend Drs. Wilhelmus Burgmans we developed a one day resilience training with the possibility to do an analyses of your daily routine and learn to expand your mind with an meditation exercise.

Coaching from the Kitchen – a team exercise

Your team is divided in three groups: Cooks, Servers and Clients who give feedback about the quality of the service. A practical and enjoyable exercise to showcase that a team can achieve anything when it is well coached and motivated.