Develop your most beautiful Self

To develop your best self in your leadership career needs courage. You have to be humble enough to hear what is good to change. To recognize what is really needed, listen to your environment of colleagues, friends and family. Those who are able to give you loving criticism are the best as you do not feel hurt and give you courage to change something.

The feeling of really giving up a behavior of something which is not useful for your self and your environment gives you wings to fly and are accompanied by fear. Who is not afraid of flying for the first time?

The reward of your courage and really choosing transformation of your personality gives a lot of inspiration and energy to go the new direction and can be accompanied by an increased and more precise vision to develop your organization.

You want to know which behaviors to develop? Use our Marshall Goldsmith 360 Global Leadership Assessment to have a precise and accurate balance where you are and where to go. The assessment is also available in the polish language.